Andrew Hussein is the type of guy who’s always down to experience new and exciting things, like walking on top of skyscrapers, which he does for a living. We met through mutual friends & clicked so well that we started hanging out on our own, especially for double dates with S & S (Shivanie & Sharda.) He was there the night I met Sharda and will always be a part of our early relationship memories, as both tempter and helper.




I’ve known Shafique Bacchus for over 15 years. We experienced the ins & outs of high school (being in class & out of class at hooky jams.) When life around you changes, the one thing that remains constant is Shafique’s loyalty, fun spirit, & fly cars. If you’re looking for a party, he knows where it’s at! I could tell you more about our times together, but most of it is top secret classified information. No snitchin’!





Kenny Singh is part of the original hangout crew, even though he went to John Adams & I was a Richmond Hill head. We always found ourselves at the same parties. Some of the best times of my teenage life was just chillin’ at the barber shop which was across the street from Kenny’s father’s real estate office. Sometimes the wait for a haircut would be so long that we’d end up leaving, but we always got something out of it- a fun time & a deeper friendship. 




They say show me your friends & I’ll tell you who you are. If this is true, then Amit Maharaj represents my geek side. We both bonded over philosophical discussions based on the X-Files. We ended up at the same college, still seeking to solve mysteries, but not just whodunits- the mysteries of life. Only we pursued it through different paths of study. I could always talk to Amit about my innermost thoughts & he’d never judge them as strange. I value his friendship & clarity through the smoky haze of life’s parties & confusion.



I first met Sharda’s brother, Siah Singh through bumping into him at the parties of mutual friends. He stood out as the host of a dating show at Karma Lounge, & I enjoyed his jokes & colorful persona. When he asked if anyone can name the four cast members of Sex & The City, there was dead silence, until a cute voice came to the rescue on the microphone. I didn’t see her face, but I heard that it was his sister, Sharda. For some reason, I remembered that voice. Little did I know that years later, I would be in Siah’s livingroom introducing myself as his sister’s boyfriend. Siah is very protective over his sister & to this day he still watches me with a close eye. I don’t mind because a real man would do the same for his sister.



Sharda’s younger brother Mitra Singh a.k.a. “Mitty” came out into the livingroom to snoop around when I first came to her house, making boisterous jokes and breaking the ice for me. It’s hard not to like him because he makes everyone feel at home. He’s like the little brother I never had. Whenever you’re in a bad mood, his jokes save the day. We click because we’re both the last child in our family & we enjoy the lighter side of life. We’ll have many more laughs as we live our lives as family.



Pandava Singh, Sharda’s brousin, is himself wherever he goes. My friends even asked him if he just recently came from Guyana, and he answered, “no, I barn here.” I love that about “Pandu!” He might be quiet & humble, but he has more inner strength and pride in his culture than anyone else I’ve ever known. He’s hasn’t hit 25 yet but I learn a lot from wild ponderings on the earth, gods, & the cosmos. Pandu is a really chill guy who doesn’t complain much. We get along easily & I look forward to hanging out with him whether it be at family gatherings or on Liberty Ave. hitting up doubles. I’m glad he’s such a loyal family member to Sharda & a great friend to both of us.



Lucas Ramadhin is Sharda’s cousin Melanie’s son, whom she considers her nephew. At family parties he’s always the center of attention, singing, dancing, or saying smart or funny things. He’s too young to be one of the guys but one day, he’ll hang with us.