FIRST, READ THE BLOG TITLED “Peter & Sharda TRIVIA”, then check your answers here…No cheating!!!

1. Which of the following is Sharda most likely to do on her honeymoon?

A) skydive

INCORRECT (Yikes, no! Sharda is an Earth girl & likes her 2 feet on the ground!)

B) go horseback riding

CORRECT! (It combines her love for nature with all the romance of Lawrence of Arabia…she’s a classic movie buff.)

C) lounge around

INCORRECT (Boooring! —It’s hard for Sharda to stay still for long!)

D) drive an RC

INCORRECT (Um…have you ever driven with Sharda? Trust me, you don’t want her driving an RC.)


2. What is Peter most likely to do on his honeymoon?

A) lounge around


B) visit a museum


C) cook

INCORRECT (According to Peter, he doesn’t know how to. Wink, wink.)

D) make friends with strangers

INCORRECT (And risk sharing top secret information like…his first name…or where he works???)


3. Which pet are Sharda & Peter most likely to adopt in the future?

A) cat

INCORRECT (Although she doesn’t mind them, Sharda prefers another animal.)

B) dog

CORRECT! (Sharda had a dog named Ragtime as a child) 

C) birds

INCORRECT (Sharda loves to hug her pets & birds’ beaks and small size make it hard to get your arms around them.)

D) snake

INCORRECT (Sharda was born in the year of the snake, so she likes being the chief serpent around!)


4. Of the following list, which is Peter’s favorite musician/singer?

A) Bono

CORRECT! (Peter might dress hip hop but throw on some “Roxanne” & watch him finish the lyrics!)

B) Drake

INCORRECT (He usually changes the station when Drake comes on.)

C) White Stripes

INCORRECT (He’s in like with them, but it’s not love.)

D) Pitbull

INCORRECT (He’ll dance to Pitbull in the club but he’d probably not search for it to upload onto his iPod.)


5. Which of the following fashion statements is Sharda most likely to do?

A) shave her head bald

INCORRECT (If you know Sharda well, you’d notice that she doesn’t even like pulling her hair back- so it’s safe to assume she wouldn’t want to show all of that round face with a shaved head, either!)

B) grow her fingernails long until their curve like parrot beaks

INCORRECT (Sharda likes these nails much better on Coco from SWV- one of her favorite R & B groups from the 90′s .)

C) wear legwarmers with high heel shoes

CORRECT! (Have you been through her facebook pics yet? This 80′s child can wear legwarmers with almost anything.)

D) wear a bright red lipstick

INCORRECT (Although she did in high school- along with bamboo earrings, at least two pairs…maturity has led her to paler pastures.)